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Why do many industries need it desiccant?

Loss from humidity

According to statistics, 1 / 100 products are damaged by dampness every year in 19839 household appliance companies / 18993 household appliances companies have to discount their prices because of the damage to their beauty. 50 million elderly people suffer from rheumatism due to damp environment every year. 918939 food manufacturers throw away a lot of food because of damp and moldy weather. How many people complain about not wearing clothes

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For each kind of moisture-proof packaging, we can provide a scientific package for customers.

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Professional knowledge of montmorillonite

Montmorillonite desiccant (Al2O3 · 4sio2 · nH2O): pure natural montmorillonite is extracted from natural


20 years focus on desiccant (moisture-proof beads) production

Dongguan Huangjiang Yashi packaging material factory was established in 2007. It is a large-scale manufacturer of moisture-proof products in Dongguan. It is committed to the development and production of desiccant series products, and has accumulated many years of moisture-proof experience in product packaging, storage and transportation. Can provide customers with scientific moisture-proof packaging program, for each product packaging moisture-proof strive

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