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Deoxidizing preservative, also known as deoxidizing preservative, is a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen. Water and salt are used as catalysts to promote the reaction. At the same time, it uses activated iron powder (reduced iron powder), so it can effectively absorb oxygen in food packaging bags.

Deoxidizer is non-toxic and tasteless, deoxidation is complete, and the time required for oxygen isolation is short, so that all kinds of food are not easy to mold, and at the same time, the original flavor of the food, freshness and nutritional components remain unchanged.

It also has a good effect on long-term storage of precious metals, instruments and meters.

Characteristics: deoxidizing preservative is a mixture of nanometer silicon-based oxide (nm. SiO ↓ [2-x]), active iron powder, sodium carbonate decahydrate, activated carbon and salt. It has the characteristics of strong oxygen adsorption capacity and thorough adsorption of oxygen, which can achieve the purpose of rapid and efficient deoxidization effect.

Application: deoxidizing preservative is widely used in many fields, mainly used for:

Mid autumn moon cake, cake, pie and other pastry foods, as well as all kinds of fried food or fat rich food, can effectively prevent the mildew and oil rancidity of these foods, and maintain the original color and flavor.

Melon seeds, peanuts, walnuts (kernels), pistachios, pine nuts, red dates, almonds and other dry fruit foods can prevent these foods from rancidity and aroma loss.

Tea, jujube, tobacco, Chinese herbal medicine, dried vegetables, grain, etc., can prevent the aging, aging, moth eaten, mildew and so on.

Sausage, bacon, ham, meat floss, beef jerky and other meat products, can prevent these food fat rancidity.

Anti mildew and insect proof of cultural relics archives and leather goods, deoxidization and rust prevention of electronic components and instruments.