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Dongguan Huangjiang Yashi packaging material factory

Dongguan Huangjiang Yashi packaging material factory was established in 2007, is a large-scale manufacturer of moisture-proof products in Dongguan.

Dongguan Huangjiang Yashi packaging material factory is committed to the development and production of desiccant series products, and has accumulated many years of moisture-proof experience in product packaging, storage and transportation. Can provide customers with scientific moisture-proof packaging scheme, for each product packaging moisture-proof strive to achieve design.

Moisture proof products: silica gel desiccant, environment-friendly desiccant, active desiccant, lime desiccant, deodorant, deoxidizer, mould proof tablets, etc.; there are composite paper, non-woven fabric, PP transparent paper, DuPont paper, Aihua paper, mesh paper and other packaging for users to choose, and can develop products of production specifications according to customer needs.

The technical index of the product has reached ROHS standard and passed SGS certification. The company adheres to the basic principle of "integrity management" as the source of enterprise survival, and carries out high-quality assurance, so that you can avoid worries. Competitive price performance gives you a wide choice of space, after years of efforts to get the support of the majority of manufacturers, and obtain good reputation.

Yashi has a number of experienced business, according to the needs of customers to send staff to serve you, with our professional, strive to your satisfaction!