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The adsorption of coconut shell activated carbon is to form a layer of equilibrium surface concentration on its particle surface, and then adsorb the organic impurities into the activated carbon particles. The adsorption effect is very high at the initial stage of use, but with the passage of time, the adsorption capacity of coconut shell activated carbon will be weakened in varying degrees, and the adsorption effect will also decline, and coconut shell activated carbon will soon lose its filtering function. Therefore, coconut shell activated carbon should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Coconut shell activated carbon has great advantages in adsorption strength. Coconut shell raw material is a unique high fiber material, carbonization will leave a lot of pores. These pores are actually consolidated after activation by special methods. They are interconnected and have high stability. High density pores support the high strength adsorption of coconut shell activated carbon products.

Coconut shell activated carbon also has some advantages in structure. The raw material of coconut shell is hard, and some hardness is retained after carbonization. This feature is actually very helpful to the recycling of enterprises. However, the hardness of coconut shell activated carbon products is slightly lower than that of coal based activated carbon products, but it does not affect the reuse.

Coconut shell is one of the advantages of coconut shell activated carbon. Coconut shell activated carbon uses high quality coconut shell raw materials, not only slightly higher price, but also is a natural material, non-toxic and no side effects. It is best used in the water treatment industry and will not pollute the water quality. In addition, after reaching its service life, it will be buried in place and decomposed into nutrients to nourish the land.

Coconut shell activated carbon can absorb toxic and harmful components in gas, such as gas mask, cigarette filter tip, automobile exhaust, etc. Coconut shell can be used. Coconut shell activated carbon can purify air and remove impurities. In the indoor environment, due to external pollution or people's activities in the closed environment, all kinds of odors often mix together to affect people's health. Coconut shell activated carbon can purify these gases well. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pollute the atmosphere and form acid rain, which can be removed by adsorption with coconut shell activated carbon.

The characteristics of coconut shell activated carbon are as follows

1. Coconut shell activated carbon belongs to the category of fruit shell activated carbon. Its main characteristics are low density, light handle, and the weight in hand is obviously lighter than coal based activated carbon.

2. The shape of coconut shell activated carbon is generally broken, granular and flake, while the shape activated carbon, such as columnar and spherical activated carbon, is mostly coal-based carbon.

3. Coconut shell activated carbon has small molecular pore structure