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Compared with other preservation methods, deoxidized preservative has advantages in food packaging

1. Small investment and low cost

The use of deoxidizing preservative for food preservation does not need to add machinery and equipment, and will not increase the cost of fixed investment. The vacuum packaging machine should be purchased to keep food fresh

It is necessary to purchase nitrogen generating equipment and nitrogen filling device for food preservation by nitrogen filling. Moreover, compared with the price of the whole food, the cost of deoxidizing preservative is very low.

2. The operation is simple

It is very simple to use deoxidizing preservative to keep food fresh. It only needs to put the deoxidized preservative into the food packaging container. There is no need to add other complicated processes, and the technical level of the staff is not very high.

3. Long preservation time

Compared with vacuum packaging and nitrogen filled packaging, the preservation time of deoxidized preservative is longer.

Vacuum packaging is used for food, and the oxygen content of sealed packaging container is generally 3%. Because most of the packaging materials (except metal and glass) will be oxygen permeable, during the storage of food, with the extension of time, the oxygen in the external environment will gradually penetrate into the packaging container, which will cause the deterioration of food quality.

After two months, the oxygen content in the packaging container will gradually rise to a higher value, which will have a certain negative impact on the quality of food.

The use of deoxidizing preservative can effectively prolong the shelf life of food. Because, for the oxygen that permeates into the packaging container from the external environment, deoxidizing preservative can absorb and consume it, and eliminate or reduce the adverse effect of oxygen.

For example, 50 type deoxidizing preservative can keep fresh the single packaged moon cake with a net content of 100g. After five months of storage, the color, aroma and taste of the moon cake are normal and fresh as before.