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Anti oxidation of food is an important aspect to ensure the quality of food. In recent years, with the increasing demand for food quality, Deoxidizer preservative is widely used in food packaging and processing.

Compared with the traditional anti-oxidation methods such as low-temperature cold storage, drying, salting, fumigation, canning, vacuum packaging and gas replacement packaging, the deoxidizer in the packaging has more advantages: it can oxidize the free oxygen and dissolved oxygen in the packaging container at room temperature to form oxide, absorb the oxygen in the sealed container, and prevent the food from oxygen And moldy deterioration. At the same time, because the deoxidizer does not directly contact with the food, it can keep the original color, aroma and taste of the food, and will not change the flavor. It can also prevent the growth of pests and bacteria, maintain the nutritional components of the food, prolong the preservation time, and play an important role in ensuring food safety.

Deoxidizing preservative is also called oxygen absorbing agent, deoxidizing agent and deoxidizing agent. Deoxidation technology has been studied in China since 1980s. At present, there are many kinds of deoxidizers that have been used and are being studied. According to the main components, they can be divided into inorganic series deoxidizer and organic series deoxidizer.

Inorganic deoxidizers include iron series deoxidizers, sulfite hydrochloric acid deoxidizers and hydrogenated deoxidizers, while organic deoxidizers include ascorbic acids, catechols, glucose oxidase and vitamin E.

Among them, the most widely used deoxidizer is iron based deoxidizer based on iron powder redox reaction. After iron oxidation, Fe (OH) 3 is generated. The deoxidization capacity of 1G iron is 300ml, which is equivalent to 1500ml of air. It is not only of good deoxidization effect, but also of high safety, economic and practical.

Deoxidization effect and advantages:

Oxygen is one of the main factors causing food deterioration. Fat will be oxidized and rancid when exposed to oxygen; vitamins and amino acids will be oxidized and lose their nutritional value; pigments will change color or color when exposed to oxygen; most microorganisms grow well in aerobic environment; even if the oxygen content is as low as 2% - 3% in the packaging environment, most aerobic bacteria and facultative anaerobic bacteria can still grow, which leads to food spoilage. The deoxidizing preservative can achieve 100% deoxidization and has the following advantages:

1. Deoxidizer is simpler than vacuum packaging and inert gas packaging, easy to use and low cost.

2. Deoxidizer can keep the original flavor and color of food without sterilization, especially for low salt and low sugar preserved food.

3. The use of deoxidizer is not easy to cause food safety problems. Deoxidizers are different from food preservatives in that they have no side effects and no carcinogens. The raw material of deoxidizer has the advantages of stable reaction, no strange smell and no harmful gas. It is harmless to human body in case of ingestion.

4. The use of deoxidizer can expand the circulation of commodities, various kinds of food can be sold for a long time, it is easy to adjust the production and inventory, reduce the deterioration loss and circulation loss of food, extend the storage period of food, facilitate food transportation and increase commercial profits.

5. It can remove the oxygen that causes the change of food quality, and fundamentally prevent food oxidation substances. The deoxidizer can not only remove the free oxygen in the package, but also absorb the oxygen from the outside into the packaging bag, so as to keep the oxygen free state in the container for a long time, and is suitable for any shape of food such as powder, granular, sponge, etc.